Creditor Advisory Services

Creditors involved in distressed situations face significant exposure to default risk when struggling debtors are unable to pay obligations. In these situations, lenders and trade creditors require an accurate and reliable assessment of the business, supported by detailed analyses, to afford creditors the ability to make informed business decisions and minimize risks. They need a partner who is experienced in handling complex troubled situations and who will protect creditor interests in an out-of-court situation or bankruptcy proceeding.

How can we help?

Both secured and unsecured creditors turn to Mazars to guide and navigate them through troubled situations. Mazars’ professionals combine both financial and restructuring expertise with in-depth industry experience to help provide creditors with the necessary support to make calculated judgments and maximize creditor recoveries. Our approach incorporates a detailed evaluation of the debtor’s business and financial outlook by understanding the causes of decline. We conduct a thorough review of the viability of business operations through detailed analyses utilizing the following services:

  • Evaluation of business viability
  • Monitoring results, financial reporting, and plan progress
  • Evaluation of alternatives: Comparing going concern value against liquidation value
  • Assistance in identifying nonperforming assets, divisions, or product lines for sale or discontinuation
  • Preparation of cash flow projections, business plans, and budget analysis
  • Negotiation of creditor payment plans
  • Development of alternative reorganization plans
  • Forensic investigations
  • Review of due diligence and collateral