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The Global Impact of US Tax Reform

December 10, 2017

PODCAST | Financial Services

December 10, 2017

Tifphani White-King | Mazars USA
Claire Healy | Mazars Ireland
Eric Klein Hesseling | Mazars Netherlands
Francois Karolyi | Mazars Luxembourg
Andreas Lichel | Mazars Germany
Markus Hertel | Mazars Switzerland
Pascal Luquet | Mazars France
Vesko Petkov | Mazars United Kingdom
Andrew Silverman | Moderator, Bloomberg US Government Analyst


On 7 November 2017 (which coincidentally was Election Day in the US), Mazars USA LLP partnered with Bloomberg to present a panel discussion on the Global Impact of US Tax Reform. The topic was relevant given the pending votes in the US House and Senate to pass the most transformational and sweeping changes to the US tax code since 1986.

The biggest changes of course being a drop in the US corporate tax rate (to compete with the low corporate income tax rates of other countries) and the move to a territorial system of taxation.

While there is much written and talked about from a US perspective on tax reform, there is less published about the global impact of such reform. We, therefore, assembled an esteemed panel of global tax experts to comment on their local country perspectives of how US tax reform would impact their economies and inbound investment.

Our distinguished panel included: Eric Klein Hesseling (Mazars Netherlands), Andreas Lichel (Mazars Germany), Markus Hertel (Mazars Switzerland), Pascal Luquet (Mazars France), Vesko Petkov (Mazars United Kingdom), Claire Healy (Mazars Ireland), Francois Karolyi (Luxembourg), and Tifphani White-King (Mazars USA). Our moderator was Bloomberg US Government Analyst, Andrew Silverman.

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