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Food for Talk, Episode 7 | A Conversation with Lou Cooperhouse

May 14, 2020

May 2020


In our seventh episode of Mazars Food For Talk, Mazars Food and Beverage Practice Leader and Food for Talk host, Howard Dorman, sits down with BlueNalu President and CEO, Lou Cooperhouse. Lou and Howard discuss the fascinating concept behind BlueNalu, the exciting projects they are working on, and how they are modern day pioneers in the food industry.

Mazars’ Food for Talk is a podcast that dives into industry impacts, trends and more while talking with industry leaders that will help us dissect what is going on in the food and beverage industry. Follow our hashtag, #MazarsFB on social media to keep up with all things Mazars Food and Beverage.

About BlueNalu
BlueNalu’s mission is to be the global leader in cellular aquaculture, providing consumers with great tasting, healthy, safe and trusted cell-based seafood products that support the sustainability and diversity of our ocean.

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DISCLAIMER:  All information shared on Mazars Food For Talk extends from reputable sources. The views expressed here are meant to serve as suggestive guidance, based on the knowledge and expertise of the co-hosts and guests.  

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