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Food for Talk, Episode 18 | A Conversation with David ‘Rev’ Ciancio

June 25, 2020

June 2020


In episode eighteen of Food for Talk, host Howard Dorman, Mazars Food and Beverage Practice Leader, sits down with Head of Marketing at Branded Strategic Hospitality, David ‘Rev’ Ciancio. ‘Rev’ takes us through the multiple touchpoints that make up a typical customer journey before they even get to a restaurant. More importantly, he’s an expert burger taster!

Mazars’ Food for Talk is a podcast that dives into food and beverage industry impacts, trends and more while talking with industry leaders that will help us dissect what is going on in the food and beverage industry. Follow our hashtag, #MazarsFB on social media to keep up with all things Mazars Food and Beverage. To subscribe to this series in the Apple or Google Play stores, click here.

About Branded Strategic Hospitality
Branded Strategic Hospitality “BSH” is a micro venture  solutions-orientated platform that leverages its network of hospitality venues, deep expertise and experience to identify, test and invest in HI-TECH (Hospitality Industry Technology), Emerging Concepts and UF&B (Unique Food & Beverage) and how it impacts operators and customers.

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DISCLAIMER:  All information shared on Mazars Food For Talk extends from reputable sources. The views expressed here are meant to serve as suggestive guidance, based on the knowledge and expertise of the co-hosts and guests.  

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