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Atif Ghauri | Accounting & Finance Show

Partner, Cybersecurity Practice Leader
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Atif is a renowned cybersecurity expert with 20 years of experience in management consulting, technical and sales operations, product management, and business development. He is an innovator in cybersecurity, receiving a patent in security analytics on embedded consumer devices monitoring user activity anomalies. Prior to joining Mazars USA, Atif led a three-year $250 million dollar geographical expansion initiative as Chief Technology Officer of a global cybersecurity firm.
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Cyber Safety for Your Practice and Clients: The Definitive Guide

Cyber Safety for Your Practice and Clients
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Atif recently participated in a panel about cybersecurity and explored how companies can best approach implementation of enhanced cybersecurity measures and applications.

Much of the discussion emphasized cybersecurity is not just a technology problem, but a fundamental business problem: even if a business is able to abscond themselves of financial responsibility for a hack of data stored in an outside cloud provider, for example, they still have to answer to their consumers and risk paying the reputational and subsequent financial cost, especially in an age of unprecedented brand loyalty.

Atif distinguished between different emerging sources of cyberthreats, pointing to a growing population of young, well-educated coders throughout less developed countries in Africa and South America that are turning to the cybercrimes as a way to generate income in the absence of legitimate job opportunities.

As Atif outlined, cybersecurity is a constantly evolving challenge, but a new approach to the responses can help organizations meet these risks before they overwhelm an organization.

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