Mazars developed ProfitPoint™ specifically for the textile rental industry. It is based on costing procedures developed by Mazars USA LLP’s over 80 years of accounting experience. The software is supplemented by the manual, Profitability by Account (a Textile Rental Services Association publication), written by Arthur Kuperman.

Before taking on new business, you can enter prospective customer data to see if the business will be profitable to you. Or use the software to identify the relative profitability of each of your current customers. Operators testify that the four most important items of information you can retrieve from the software are:

  • Profitability (loss) of each of your customers
  • Pricing levels necessary to assure profitability for new accounts
  • Merchandise cost for each item you process
  • Work center costs, separating fixed and variable

ProfitPoint™ Version 2.0 is the fifth upgrade since the program was first released in 1997. It is a site-based software compatible with Windows OS. The software can be installed either on a stand-alone PC or on a network server. Customer data may be entered manually or imported from both vendor-provided and proprietary route accounting systems.

Other software products available with ProfitPoint™

  • Integration Module – Allows operators to import customer data from route accounting systems
  • SalesRep Module – Allows sales reps to see if proposed pricing for prospective customers is acceptable based on costs from ProfitPoint™ (management must set pricing and profitability parameters)

Mazars Start Program – Turnkey installation of ProfitPoint ™  by the experts    

The Mazars Start Program is a complete package to get you up and running on the ProfitPoint™ system. Mazars performs a cost study, inputs the cost data into ProfitPoint™ and reviews the reports. You gain the considerable benefits of ProfitPoint™ faster and more accurately – with only minimal involvement of your staff’s time. However, the greatest benefit is the expertise provided by Mazars’ Partner-in-Charge of Textile Rental Services, Arthur Kuperman, who performs the cost study, supervises the data input, and reviews the resulting reports.