Organizational ResiliencE

Helping organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from business disruptions.

Man-made and natural disasters can cause significant disruptions across core business functions, adversely impacting productivity, sales, market share, brand reputation, distribution, compliance, and more. With sound preparation and the latest technology, organizations can continue to operate with confidence.

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We help you achieve organizational resilience by implementing actionable strategies to address any type of business or technical disruption.

Our proactive approach establishes procedures to respond to interruptions and recover critical operational functions impacted by business or technical disruptions.


We help you:
Assess organizational
risks and gain business
Establish sustainable programs to address risks Develop
actionable plans and implement technical
Promote a
culture of preparedness
readiness to address future business disruptions
Provide a
repeatable solution
for continued
success across the organization

Our Services

Under the umbrella of our four core service areas, we provide a comprehensive set of services that provide an integrated framework to assess, mitigate, and respond effectively to key risks throughout your enterprise.



Program Assessment   Plan Development
Risk Assessment Technology Solutions
Business Impact Analysis Tests and Exercises
System Impact Analysis Training and Awareness
Strategy Implementation Managed Services
Program and Governance Models  


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