Organizational Change Leadership

How can you successfully lead your organization through a world of dynamic change?

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Employees regularly face change - new roles, new managers, new procedures, new ways of operating, and new technology. However, the great challenge of change is transitioning from the present state to the future. People compare today to their view of the future by asking personal questions:


What am I losing?

Where are we headed?

What will the new place look like?

How will it be different from what I have now?

What about the work flow?


Who will be my teammates?

What will be the expectation for my contribution?

Will I be able to learn the new systems and processes?

Will I be able to learn the new systems and processes?


The central focus of change in each of these questions is what's in it for me (“WIIFM”)?




We help answer the "WIIFM" questions. To ensure successful transition for your employees, we create a vision they can understand and be willing to embrace. The goal is to paint a picture of the change with as much clarity as is practical and lead them through the uncertainty of their future.


Whether it's a large-scale business transformation, a merger integration, an enterprise technology implementation, an organization culture change, or a new strategy deployment, we tailor the right solutions to meet your organizational change leadership (OCL) needs.


To sustain change initiatives, organizations need to lead through change, not reactively manage it as it happens to them. We differentiate change leadership from change "management." We work with you to develop and implement proactive, custom change techniques that deliver long-term, sustainable results.


Our Services


Deep cross-industry and consulting experience, best practices, and proven methodologies that reduce the risks of both organizational and individual change and create a successful transition for you and your employees in the areas of:


Change Readiness Assessments  
Change Management Planning, Design, and Development
Leadership/Stakeholder Engagement
Communication Strategy, Planning, and Execution
Workforce Transition & Execution
Training and Instructional Design
Strategic Facilitation Services




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