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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Maximize the Value of Your Technology

Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide powerful tools better understand customer data, increase customer acquisition and retention and create a functional, holistic IT environment across your business. However, effectively leveraging these tools and maximizing their value can take experience and a complete understanding of their features.


How Mazars Helps

As your National Microsoft Partner, we are able to deliver seamless integration of Microsoft systems, unifying your data, delivering predictive insights and helping to overcome challenges. Whether you are starting a new business, looking to increase profitability or seeking ways to improve your competitiveness in the market, we can help your company better connect to customers and increase its agility and resilience.

Our tailored solutions help your business achieve its strategic goals and build a more functional and robust Microsoft environment, positioning you for future success.


Uncover your potential with Dynamics 365 Technology Solutions:


Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Azure

Organizational Change Leadership


Application Development

Customer Support




Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem
Unify your data. Get predictive insights. Achieve amazing results.

Today's market requires modern experiences Solutions


Consumers demand a seamless, connected, personalized experience
Employees expect access to data when and where they need it
Data protection is essential while lines blur among storage, processes, search and analysis


Keeping up with market demands can be difficult


Paper-based processes are no longer acceptable
Legacy solutions are falling short or being deprecated
Disconnected processes cause a host of issues
To stay competitive, businesses need to increase efficiency




Microsoft Dynamics
Offers tailored solutions for your industry


Financial services


Personalize customer experiences, modernize financial systems, and optimize risk management.

Consumer Products


Personalize customer experiences, empower your employees, and optimize supply chains.

Healthcare and Life Sciences


Optimize everything from field work to customer experiences to speed response rates and reduce costs.



Uncover new operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and generate new revenue opportunities.



Accelerating Digital Transformation

Mazars is a full-service Microsoft Partner certified in the deployment of Microsoft solutions. We deliver digital solutions and system integration services
to help organizations achieve business agility, efficiency, and growth via the Microsoft ecosystem.