IT Audit

Evaluating your systems to better guard your information assets.
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In an increasingly technology-oriented world, organizations must ensure that their data is protected, while also making it available to authorized parties. An IT audit transforms the control environment from person-dependent to process-dependent structure by identifying redundancies in operational and control procedures and providing recommendations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.   




Our IT audit approach is risk based, while also taking into account internal and operational controls, as well as the overall structure of the organization to be reviewed.  We help clients to decide on either compliance testing or substantive testing, and then evaluate the existing systems to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. 


We work closely and collaboratively with our clients in planning an effective IT audit programs by:

  • Understanding our clients’ core business and operating environments
  • Defining the IT audit universe
  • Performing an IT Risk assessment
  • Formalizing the IT audit plan


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